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Who can benefit from psychotherapy?

Everyone has something to gain from psychotherapy. 


People seek therapy for many different reasons. And some of my experience involves working with those getting to grips with:

  • Relationships with other people

  • Their own relationship with themselves, and/or their body

  • A sense of purposelessness/confusion about what it is that is 'right'

  • Feeling a bit lost and alone

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Worry

  • Sexual abuse

  • Minoritisation

  • Trauma

  • Intergenerational trauma

  • Feeling stuck, or like the same patterns are repeating

  • Wanting to live life differently or more congruently

  • Self-acceptance

  • Identity with respect to sense of gender and sexuality

  • Experiences of migration

Psychotherapy might lead you to explore why you felt the way you did/feel the way you do.


Or, it can bring you to an understanding of patterns and thought processes that have dominated you, perhaps without realising they were there.

But whether you are feeling like you have lost your way a little or that things just don't feel quite right at the moment and you're not too sure why - your reasons for considering therapy are valid and a good place to start.

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