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My Approach

From the very beginning, from the moment we are born, we are in relationship. 


And from that point forward, through our very nature as human beings, our world naturally influences us.

Sometimes in life we can begin to feel a little less whole, perhaps divided and conflicted or unsure of who we are and what we want. Not everything that counts can be counted, and what is important can shift. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy offers a space to explore and reflect upon what was, what is and what you want to become important to you.

Therapy can be about exploring why you felt the way you did/feel the way you do, but it can include reflecting upon what those feelings might be trying to communicate. It can sometimes lead us to unexpected realisations or a new understanding about how our feelings have been serving us as well as they could, that they have had purpose.

Rachael Collier

My view is that we all have the right to feel secure, be that within ourselves, in our home or out in the world. The right to live a unique life in peace and as we choose - free from discrimination, prejudice, aggression and abuse. But the reality of this world means that this is often just simply not the case...


Working ethically means that, as needed, we recognise the impact of racialisation, gender, sexuality, disability, class, migration and body size. 

Qualifications & Experience

I am a qualified Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, my training was centrally based at WPF Therapy in London, one of the largest and most respected psychotherapy training institutions. My WPF training was validated by the University of Roehampton. I am fully registered with the British Psychoanalytic Council and a full member of the FPC.  


I follow strict ethical and professional standards that include clinical supervision and continued professional development. 

I have training and specific expertise in issues affecting the LGBTQIA+ community.


Please contact me to explore how my experience may be of help.

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Counselling & Psychotherapy

I offer a free of charge phone/zoom call.  Any and all questions about my approach are welcome.


This first call (around10-15 mins) gives you a chance to start to feel what it might be like to work with me.

When you are ready, we schedule our initial session (50 minutes). People often find it helpful to share what it is that brings them to therapy and also why that moment.

New thoughts growing in the mind

Once it is decided that you would like to move ahead we agree a day and a time, we meet weekly.

Each session lasts for 50 minutes.


I work online (zoom), over the phone and in person.

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